Dear Teresa,

I’m sending you a copy of my wonderful birthing experience. We didn’t
video tape every minute, but these excerpts give you a good idea of my

My husband & I want to extend our warmest thanks and gratitude for
teaching us how to experience the birth of our first child, Olivia Annaliese
in such a natural and comfortable manner. Every women should be as
fortunate and benefit from your hypnobirthing classes. It is a shame your
apporarch and techniques aren’t readily avialable to the general public or
rather that it isn’t mainstream.

I feel blessed and grateful to have had such a painfree, marvelous experience.

When you watch the tape and see how relaxed I am - I still find it remarkable
that that was me.

Keep in mind when I first started your class I had never experienced or learned
any kind of mediatition or relaxation techniques.

- I was filled with doubt about your program and whether it would work for me.

- I feared and had great anixety about labor and delivery. I was a product of
current social conditioning to “fear” the “pain” of “labor.”

- I really wanted to give birth to my child naturally but knowing that I have a low
tolerance for pain I wasn’t sure I could accomplish that.

Both of you and your classes taught me how to relax and look forward to a
wonderful experience and it was! I can’t say enough about it.

I was completely relaxed throughout, start to finish. Asking for an Epideral
never even occurred to me. I owe that to both of you and thank you from the
bottom of my heart. I was five centimeters by the time I reached the doctors
office and the baby was born four hours later. It went by so quickly. In fact I
was so relaxed I even sleep during the surges.

Thank you for everything.

God Bless,

Olga, John & Olivia Duff

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