I want to thank you for teaching the Hypnobirthing method; Anthony’s
birth was such a wonderful experience. And so quick... Around 3:45pm
I reached over to hug my dog and my water broke. Doug and I were so
excited that the baby was finally coming! We started timing the surges,
which were about 5-6 minutes apart lasting about 45-50 seconds. I knew
I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, so when I called my midwife
Denise, she agreed I could stay at home and take a bath. By the time I
got out of the tub, I knew I was very far along, as the surges were so
strong. It was time to go to the hospital since Doug didn’t want to deliever
the baby at home... En route he guided me through the breathing techniques,
which help to relax me, and made the ride bearable. We arrived at the
hospital around 6:39PM, and I was 7 centimeters dilated. This baby was
coming soon. Once I settled in, and turned on my Steven Halpern music,
we began the light touch massage. Then they had me visualizing I was river
rafting through the rapids... When the surges were over the top, they would
tell me to bear down on my raft and relax my muscles. They always made
it a point to mention the calm waters just ahead. I really saw myself going
down the river, rather than being in the hospital in pain. Yet I was completely
in the moment of giving birth. Everyone in the room especially the nurse was
in awe of how calmly I was going through the surges, no loud screaming. In
less than an hour and a half, I knew it was time to push. I began to breathe
my baby out without any straining. At 8:17PM beautiful Anthony Edwin came
gently into the world with his eyes wide open and a full head of hair. We
immediately placed him on my chest, and didn’t cut the cord until it stopped
pulsing. It was an incredible experience! And it only lasted an hour and a half
from the time I arrived. No drugs, no espisiotomy, no tearing. Afterwards, Doug
and I ordered pizza and celebrated. They next day the nurses kept offering
pain medication, and were so surprised that I didn’t need it. I was up and
moving and felt terrific. Thank you for the wonderful gift you taugt us and so
many others. I wouldn’t have a baby any other way.

Warmest regards,

Antonia Gravink

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