Tammy K. Becker Reoch


I’ve had two children. The first experience was anything but natural, and
the single worst experience of my life, with so much screaming and
frusteration, it is something I’d rather forget. However, with hypnobirthing,
the birth of my second child was a wonderful and relaxing experience,
one of the best and rewarding experiences of my life. Any woman that
ever has a baby in the future, I recommend hypnobirthing over any other
child birthing method..(Especially La Maz).


I heard about hypnobirthing on Dateline right before I got pregnant the
second time. I couldn’t believe that women could really have pain free
childbirth because my first experience was completely terrible and
excruciatingly painful. But the story really sparked my interest because
so many people’s testimonies reflected a pain free experience, so I
decided to look it up on the internet and find out more about it. I enrolled
in the class lead by Teresa Van Zeller, and soon learned it was very easy
for anyone to do this. After using the techniques of hypnobrithing, let me
tell you, it really works!!!!


I was having Braxton Hicks contractions all day on the 20th of June...
about an hour apart. By the time I went to bed they were about 15 minutes
apart. Around midnight, I’d say is when they came about 10 minutes apart,
although I’m not really sure, as I slept between every contraction and did my
hypnobirthing relaxation breathing during the contractions. At around 3am,
they became much stronger, about 6 minutes apart, but I still wasn’t feeling
any pain...only pressure... it was wonderful. Hubby slept through everything...
I told him I was in labor and he said “yeah, yeah” and rolled over.

At 4am, I got out of bed and told hubby I was going to shower, the
contractions are 4 minutes apart and we needed to get ready to go to the
hospital. (which is a 5 minute ride down the road from our house). I finished
showering about 1/2 hour later. During the shower, the contactions were
getting stronger and as each one came, I’d lean against the shower wall,
arch my back and practice the hypnobirthing techniques. I did this in complete
silence, as my hubby remain snoring away in bed. Upon coming out of the
shower, I woke him up and told him to tell me the time at the beginning of
each contraction. They were now 3 minutes apart. Hubby groggily rolled
over and wanted to go to sleep. I asked him what he was doing, saying
come on, we’ve got to go. All this while, I hadn’t made one peep, and I
had felt no pain whatsoever. During the last labor experience I was
screaming, swaring and shouting obscenities about and at hime. =)

He finally managed to pull himself out of bed... and he took a shower!!! I
asked him what he was doing in shock.. he said we had plenty of time,
and we had to wait for his mom to come anyway. (Still in disbelief that I
was really in labor). I promptly called his mom and said this is it, and to
come over. (She had a 1/2 hour drive. This was about 4:45. By the time
he got out of the shower I was 2 minutes apart...still practicing my
hypnobirthing (and mind, I did this completely alone, with no help from hubby
or anyone else...100% drug free!). Prior to labor, I was very worried that
things might not work out because my hubsand did not even practice any
of the exercises with me. Although I really wish I had his help at this next
point, it is possible to do the hypnobirthing alone. When I proceeded
downstairs I had a contraction midways down the stairs...and I lost my
concentration on relaxing...so I begged hubby for some help to get me back
into the relaxed mode. (Because he did not practice the techniques with me,
he didn’t know what to do.) He put the tape on for me, but I did feel the surges
during this brief time where I had come out of relaxation. His mom and brother
came and they were bickering about how to watch our son and what to do
(even though this had already been pre- arranged), which didn’t helo my
concentration any. It was now about 5:25am.

Anyhow, I ended up feeling about 20 minutes of uncontroled contractions. In
the card ride to the hospital I managed to revamp some of my concentration,
and finally, with the help of my sister-in-law running her fingers up my arm,
just before stepping out of the car at the hospital, I returned to a completely
relaxed mode.

However, I almost had her in the car! We pulled into the driveway of the
hospital and hubby ran to get a wheelchair. The second I stook up, my water
broke, and I was ready to push. By the time I was in the hospital room, the
baby was crowned...ready to come out, and I hadn’t even pushed! We
checked into the hospital at 5:35 and they made me wait until the doctor
arrived for me to push. I didn’t feel any pain, but I really wanted to push.

The doctor finally walked in at 5:50...the sterile towels were draped over my
legs and the doctor prepared for the birth, and I said to him, “I’m pushing!”
One push, I felt myself tear, but no pain. Out came a little baby girl
immediately after that push at 5:55am. We named her Kierra Cianna Reoch
and she was born on the first day of summer (June 21, 2000). Very healthy
at 8lbs, 7.2 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long.

It was the most wonderful experience. They wanted to put an IV in me
and give me pitocin immediately upon entry to the hospital. (WHY would
they want to give me pitocin when I’m already in labor ?!?!?!?!) I refused...
and they realized it was too late to do all soon enough, anyhow.

So there ya go...childbirth can be enjoyable all natural... and it was truly
a magnificent experience!


My first child was the most awful experience in the world. I was induced,
so had the displeasure of being injected with pitocin. I had drugs and then
an epidural. Unfortuantely, for that first pregnancy, I had toxemia for 8 1/2
weeks, so after I gave birth they were pumping in the magnesium via the IV.
Everything began to puff up like a balloon, and my husband (and the nurses)
told me it looked like I had Fred Flinstone feet! I looked and felt ridiculous
and was assured this was normal. I weighed more after giving birth than
before, and I felt absolutely terrible after spending over 48 hours in the hospital.
The epidural and drugs made me groggy and sluggish for quite some time.

For this second one, howerver, I can tell you I felt absolutely marvelous! I
was not tired one bit, because I literally slept between each contraction and
didn’t tense up, hence I was not worn out after labor. The only thing that
bothered me were the stitches, because my baby was large and I tore naturally,
so they were not very neat, and rubbed me in funny ways. Otherwise, not
having any drugs during labor is so much better, not only for the labor itslef,
but afterwards as well. I felt revived after this experience!

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