Dear Teresa,

Simmon Willam Fronmueller was born at high noon on Januray 3, 2003.
He weighed 6lbs 15oz and is, as his pediatrician puts it, “perfect”.

I went into labor early that morning. I am not sure of the time; I know I woke
up having a little cramping just as it was just starting to get light. I used my
relaxation techniques and dozed in and around what I know now were early

I woke up around 7:30, took a shower and had a light breakfast. I told Mike
that I thought I might be in labor and that he shouldn’t rush off to work. I
continued to relax and started timing the surges. By 8:30 they were 4-6
minutes apart so I called the Dr. and we headed for West Hills Hospital.

On the way to the hospital I listened to my relaxation tape, timed surges and
chatted with Mike. When we arrived, we parked and walked across the
parking lot to the entrance. The volunteers behind the desk wanted to know if
I was going to be induced that morning. I said, “actually, I am already in labor,
the contractions are about 4 minutes apart. Where is the bathroom?” The looks
on their faces were truly priceless. I went to the bathroom, we filled out a little
paperwork and then they took me upstairs.

On the way up the nurse asked how dilated and effaced I had been at my last
appointment. I had been 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. She said that she
would put me right in a room without checking to see if I was really in labor.
By the time I got changed and settled in bed it was about 9:30.

My Dr. had agreed to me not having an IV, so I only had the external fetal
monitor. I listened to my music and relaxed while Mike rubbed my back as
I was having some back labor as I had had with my first child. Between
surges we talked and laughed with the nurse and I ate some ice chips. I
didn’t get a chance to eat the snacks I had brought along..

Around 10:30 or so, I am not clear on the time, the nurse decided to check
my progress. “Holy Moly Girl” she said, “you’re an eight.” Chaos ensued with
her running around trying to get everything set up and calling the doctor. By
the time the doctor arrived, I was 9cm dilated and everything went very
quickly from then on.

The breathing the baby out thing went out the window very quicjly as I had
an INCREDIBLE urges to push. However, my hypnobirthing techniques really
helped me to relax and regroup between pushes. After just a few pushes
Simon made his entrance. He was placed on my stomach and we waited
awile to cut the cord. He pinked up nicely and had 9/9 Apgar scores. The
placenta came out in one easy push. I had a small tear (I must admit I didn’t
do my massage as faithfully as I should have), which was soon fixed and
healed nicely. He nursed for the first time in the delivery room and has been
eating like a little piggy ever since. He gained 3.5 lbs in his first 5 weeks.

By 1pm I was in my room having lunch. After the 21- hours labor I had with
my first baby, this was just wonderful. I can truly say that the only time I
experienced any real pain was the surge immediately after my water broke.
It was very intense and took me by surprise and I tensed up. I immediately
asked Mike to help me relax and when he did things went right back on track.

I had some after pain that radiated down my leg when I was nursing Simon
and the relaxation techniques helped with that too.

Thank you so much for the things you taught us. This birth was a great
experience. It was quick, easy and nearly pain free. My recovery this
time has also been much easier because I didn’t get so worn out by all
those hours of labor and pushing that I had the first time.

Our family is complete, but I will be recommending hypnobirthing to any
pregnant woman who will listen from now on.

Thanks again Teresa!

Julie Fronmueller.

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