Dear Teresa,

My hypnobirthing experience was so positive from the moment we started
the classes to the 3 1/2 hour labor (start to finish). My husband, father of
two from a prior marriage dreaded going to Lamaze classes. When he
realized that our hypnobirthing classes was truly a full participation course
for both of us he was thrilled. He couldn’t wait to go and felt so relaxed when
leaving. The empowerment of self hypnosis was experienced by both of us.

I was a first time mother and never would have guessed that I would have
such a short labor. It was over so fast that in some ways I would have liked
to have experienced the stages more gradually. From my point of view it
seemed like the entire event lasted about an hour. My water broke at 5:15pm;
the contractions started 15 minutes later (10 minutes apart) down to 5 minutes
apart by 6:30pm. First internal check I was 6-8 cm dilated, second check I
was at 10cm. My husband and I had practiced the scripts nightly and he was
great during throughout the entire short labor process. I told the nurse I was
ready and asked for the doctor (I actually told her to GET the doctor) and
wanted to push. The doctor showed up 10 minutes later to do the 2nd internal
check and surprise, surprise - I was fully dilatted. I knew my baby was ready
to make an appearance even though the nurse stood there incredulous to the
events taking place.

My daughter arrived at 8:44pm alert; eyes wide open and ready to feed. My
dream of having a positive birthing experience had been realized. I am a true
believer that this is the way nature intended birthing to be (painless, natural
and an incredible bonding phenomenon, which mother, child and partner fully
participate in the brith. I highly recommned the course - it’s a blast and it works.

Thank you hypnobirthing 2000.

Monica, David and Cheyenne Mason Urdangen
UCLA Santa Monica Hospital

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