Client Testimonails  & Brithing Stories

Client Testimonails:
Elizabeth Smith, R.N.
"I attended the HypnoBirth Training in October 2003.  Initially I was very uncertain about how this training and curriculum would fit in the perinatal program I manage. I shouldn't have worried.
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Teresa's HypnBirthing classes were AWESOME. They provided me with the skills necessary for a relaxing, drug-free birth.
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Denise Spatafora

“Training with Teresa in becoming a hypnobirthing instructor was a rich experience.  Her clarity and delivery of the course is contagious and inspiring.
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Tanya Arce Fox    
Westlake Village

I took Teresa’s HypnoBirthing classes back in 2000 for our first birth.  I credit her class (taken one month before my due date) with helping me achieve a completely painFREE 18 hour hospital labor.
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The Birkmans
We could not have made it through pregnancy and the birthing experience without Teresa and HypnoBirthing. ::read more::
Andrea, David and Tatiana Duran
Teresa, if it wasn’t for your professional help with my fear of needles, I’m not sure we would be blessed with little Tatiana. You are an integral part of our family and will always have a special place in our hearts.
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Birthing Stories:
Olga, John & Olivia Duff
My husband & I want to extend our warmest thanks and gratitude for teaching us how to experience the birth of our first child, Olivia Annaliese in such a natural and comfortable manner.
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Antonia Gravink
I want to thank you for teaching the Hypnobirthing method; Anthony’s birth was such a wonderful experience. And so quick... Around 3:45pm I reached over to hug my dog and my water broke.
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Tammy K. Becker Reoch
I’ve had two children. The first experience was anything but natural, and the single worst experience of my life, with so much screaming and frusteration, it is something I’d rather forget. However, with hypnobirthing, the birth of my second child was a wonderful and relaxing experience, one of the best and rewarding experiences of my life.
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Julie Fronmueller
I went into labor early that morning. I am not sure of the time; I know I woke up having a little cramping just as it was just starting to get light. I used my relaxation techniques and dozed in and around what I know now were early surges.
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Monica, David and Cheyenne Mason Urdangen
UCLA Santa Monica Hospital

My hypnobirthing experience was so positive from the moment we started the classes to the 3 1/2 hour labor (start to finish).
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